Kate Curates the Internet: April 30, 2017

Things That Are Annoying

Oh good. Another “think piece” about millennials by a millennial who wants to draw a distinction between Old Millennials and Young Millennials because “Old Millennials, as I’ll call them, who were born around 1988 or earlier (meaning they’re 29 and older today), really have lived substantively different lives than Young Millennials, who were born around 1989 or later.” Thanks for the math lesson, Jesse Singal. If it makes you feel better, you are a special subset of Old Millennial: Whiny Mansplaining Old Millennial.

In other millennial-specific news, according to the Times, we’re also apparently answering “the call of Mexican wine country.” Not mentioned in the article: it’s probably because of that Fountains of Wayne song

Things That Are Amazing

Three words: Camp. John. Waters. It’s already sold out, but if anyone is looking to get me the Best Gift Ever for my 30th birthday (which, as of April 29th, is exactly six months away), this is it. I will love you forever. And then some. Because I’ve basically been waiting my entire life to sing a karaoke-version of “Mama, I’m A Big Girl Now” at a summer camp for adults run by John Waters. (True story.)

At some point during my preteen years, That Thing You Do! was one of my all-time favorite movies. I’m gauging its status as such based on the number of times I rented it on VHS from the local video-store. (How’s that for an “Old Millennial,” Jesse Singal?) The Oneders reunited to perform the movie’s title track (which, by the way, is absolutely on my dance-it-out playlist) at The Roxy. So many points for Los Angeles. Also, my crush on Ethan Embry (established after watching the seminal, star-studded 1998 film Can’t Hardly Wait far too many times at a far too young age) is back with swoony vengeance.


Tony Hale and Julia Louis-Dreyfus swapped roles to read a scene from the fourth season of Veep and they’re adorkable. Also, casting Hale as Gary and Louis-Dreyfus as Selina Meyer was clearly the right choice. Good job, HBO. We all know you were super worried about a possible miscasting.

Multiple news “outlets” reported some exciting news about who will voice Timon and Pumbaa in Disney’s upcoming live-action update of The Lion King, but Jezebel absolutely destroyed every other article with one of the best headlines I’ve ever seen: “Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen to Play Gay Lovers in Upcoming Disney Film.” For the record, I’m super against Disney churning out all of these live action classics (still working on that Beauty and the Beast essay, btw), but I could not be more in favor of this perfect casting. My only complaint: what’s Nathan Lane role in all of this? This is a question that permeates my life in more ways than you or I will ever be able to understand.

Things That Are Average

Disney also announced a release date for Frozen 2, just when we’d all finally managed to get “Let It Go” out of our heads. Guess I know what I’ll be singing in the shower until November 27, 2019. (Should we talk about the irony of not being able to let go of this song? Nah.)

Jason Segel is writing a YA dystopian trilogy because why not, and also, of course. I’m on board. If (for some weird reason) you can’t wait until November 17, 2017, for Otherworld, check out Signature’s list of the Best Contemporary Dystopian Fiction.

Waste some time taking this inane BuzzFeed quiz that has you Make A Cup of Coffee to Find Out What Book You Should Read. (I got Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad, which is a great recommendation, but still.)

Speaking of coffee, apparently it doesn’t really matter how much you drink, but y’know, everything in moderation. So basically, nothing’s changed.